Monday, July 13, 2009

how can you miss me if i won't go away?

last night as i drifted off to sleep the perfect blog post came to me.
it was the one where i was able to pick up again here where i'd left off a few months ago and where i easily explained my absence with a great post title.
it was somewhat witty and made me realize that it wasn't, after all, as hard a thing to do as i'd thought it might be. i had been wondering how to start up again after all this time.
of course when i woke up this morning i couldn't remember any of it!
so without further ado i'll just blog anyway.
it's that simple really isn't it?

i think i last blogged in april and then left ESTHER hanging in there as my last entry.
she did a great job of keeping the odd reader entertained. thanks Esther.

since then well where was i?

we have a new grandson, Owen.
that brings the number to 4 (so far) and each one of them has taken a new piece of my heart. :-))

my dad passed away in may, on my sister's birthday.
he was 87.
he was old and frail and ready to go to the next destination; he firmly believed that he was going to a better place and that was an inspiring thing to witness and be a part of.
i got to be with him and the rest of my family.
i was able to travel to england twice in the space of a few weeks and spend time with him and my family.
a truly memorable experience.
i was able to give a eulogy for him and say some things from my heart which i hope also spoke from the hearts of my brothers and sister and our families too.
R.I.P. dad.

i visited with my youngest jenn, who now lives in england.
my other half and i spent some quality time together in england for the first time in years. i usually go back there alone because i was the one with parents who couldn't travel and his mother comes to visit us every year.
(now between us we have one parent left).
we stayed with his mum for a week and she was so overjoyed to have her son staying.
she wanted to spoil him of course (and me too)
great memories.

what else happened since i've been gone?
i'm sure there's so much that i will miss so i won't try to document it all here.

so i'll just show pics of two of the things that have been going on and tell you that i'm happy to be back and thanks to those who have asked after my whereabouts.

Owen Trevor and his big brother Ben who just turned 3!!

with my four brothers and my sister at dad's funeral.


Sara said...

sososososososos happy you decided to write your blog again. Of course I am now close to tears at my desk at work (not good) but I check to see if you've written something every other day and today, here you are! Beautifully put. A great come back.
I love you so much
Sara xx

Clippy Mat said...

sara: ah you made ME tear up. you big softie.:-)) thanks for checking to see if i was here. love you too. xx

karengberger said...

Thank you for the update. What a blend of wonderful and difficult events, typical of life...and you put it so succinctly.
Your family is beautiful. Welcome to the new member; I pray that your dad is enjoying his "new life."

ChiTown Girl said...

Oh, Clippy. You've sent me on such a rollercoaster of emotions with this post! First I was thrilled to see that you were back! Yay, Clippy! I missed you!!

Then, I was equally as thrilled to read about the new grandbaby. Congratulations!! He's beautiful, as is his big brother.

Then, it all came crashing down as I read about your father's passing. I'm so sorry for your loss. But, I'm glad to hear that he was at peace with starting this next journey.

Finally, you brought me back up a bit by writing about getting to spend some time with your family and getting to go to England twice. How great for you and the hubby. I'm sure your mother-in-law was beside herself with excitement to have you both to herself for a week. :)

Welcome back, my friend!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

So happy to see some new words on your blog. You have been missed.

So sorry about your Dad, but it sounds like you have it all squared away with him and your family...that is the only way to let someone go.

Love the picture of the new baby and Ben...they are yummy.

You and your Sister look JUST alike. I won't say you look just like your brothers, cause we don't ever want to look like men, do we???

Glad you and other half had some good visits...

Take care, suz

Kee said...

Keep it up...I hated to check this blog daily only to find the same post for months on end, but we all know you had a lot going on. I will never forget the look on your face when you and trev stopped by to say hello during your evening walk with bella and I told you I thought I was in labor...the look of relief. You said something like "thank god, owen i need you to come soon as i have to get back home to see my dad":(. Such a happy yet sad time as we bid you farwell a few days after owen's arrival.
I am sure your blogging friends will have missed you and will be happy you are back...can't wait for more!

Granny on the Web said...

Yes, I echo everyone else who is glad to see you back and blogging again. Lovely new grandson, he looks a blogling in the making!
Your Pa is in that better place where we all will go and meet up eventually.
Chins up and to the ready now!
Love Granny

Clippy Mat said...

wow, thank you for such kind comments. it's a good feeling to be missed and to be welcomed back. i have been reading, but not always commenting, on everyone's blogs in my absence and i appreciate all of your kind words.

wor vron said...

welcome back sis!! you're much too talented not to be blogging and as usual you've summed up the last few months brilliantly. Thanks Suz for saying we look alike, I love to think I'm growing more like my big sis she's such an inspiration. Well said Kari and well done again for timing the arrival of baby Owen so well, which gave clippy the chance to travel 'home' to England and Dad to know and be proud of his fifth great grandchild!
Keep on blogging -love and miss you as always xx

Steve said...

Glad you're back as I only just got here a post or two before you left. Congratulations on the new grandchild and so sorry to hear about your dad. You've plainly had an eventful few months.

Clippy Mat said...

ahh wor vron. you are so sweet, thanks pet.
and steve, thanks for coming back. much appreciated.

Crazy Mo said...

Oh, sweet friend. The emotions you're feeling must be so conflicting. Joy for your new grandson, sadness for your father, yet happiness that he is at peace.

Know that we are all thinking of you and have you missed you dearly.

Pam said...

I missed you, glad you're back.
Congrats on the new grandson and sorry to hear about your dad.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Clipstress, I am so sorry to hear about your dear dad, but you must have been over the moon to see him and to say goodbye to him in such a dignified and wonderful way...

What a pic of you and your siblings - Beautiful, babe!

And a new woozle, the poodle - What a beauty, and a darling new grandchild - My have you been so, so busy! I wish you well, I wish you peace and comfort and joy in what you have and what you have been able to do this past season...

Love, Fhi xox

Snooty Primadona said...

I'm so glad you're back! I'm so sorry about your Dad but I'm happy that he lived a good long life & was ready to go when his time came. Mr. Snoots & I have been there. We lost both of his parents (our best friends) to cancer, within 7 months of one another. It's never easy.

But lucky for you that you have another grandchild. One is born and another one dies. It's the cycle of life, isn't it?

Your new pup reminds me of our dog Lulu. I mean, that dog could bark & bust your ear drums, at the same time. She was a Cairn Terrier. After her demise, we decided we could never top her, so we won't.

Once again... Welcome Back!

Jenn said...

that was lovely mom, very well said and we've definitely made some lovely memories. and i hope you and dad can visit more together now. it was great for everyone to have you both. i cant wait to see you, dad and the kids and bros and sil's in october.

i love you loads

Jenn said...

ps - ive just read everyone's comments and they were so nice, i'm glad you have your blog to keep you going and all the people who support you.