Tuesday, July 14, 2009

and something else

This is Bella.
she's something else that is new in our lives since I last blogged.
she's a poodle that belonged to my son and his wife until they had their new baby, owen.
they already had ben, who was 2, and another dog called sydney who is a mighty yorkshire terrier.
2 dogs and a 2 year old and a new baby was maybe going to be a bit much.
so because we've dog sat bella many times before we offered to take her on, on the condition that they would take her back for visits whenever we had to travel.
so far this is working well.
bella has already had two return visits to her former home since april.
we only live down the street from each other so everyone can see bella as often as they like.
believe me, they haven't really had time to miss her!

bella is a lady with a few, shall we say, bad habits which are most likely due to her breed more than anything else.
she barks.
a lot.
i go out and when i return she goes absolutely apesh*t.
like we've been parted for a lifetime.
i'm trying to ignore her and praise her when she stops.
it's hard though but i will persevere.

she barks at people with the audacity to walk past our house.
she barks at people who are minding their own business in their own yards and just happen to walk near to a boundary fence.
some barking i don't mind.
after all, a dog's a dog right?
they're supposed to bark when 'danger' approaches, when their territory is breeched.
so most of the time a quick low growl, from me, (an attractive skill i've mastered) is enough to stop her.
but she barks at everyone who comes to visit too.
and this is not popular with ALL of my visitors.
but we're working on that too.

however she is excessively cute so i can forgive her anything.
she is like my shadow.
whenever i look for her and i can't see her it's because she's down here attached to my ankle and as i turn she turns, so there am i looking all over the place for her, everywhere except down at my feet.
so i turn in circles at the same time as she does, until i remember to look down.
i think i could develop it into some kind of circus act.

she is almost like an extension of my body now.
no matter where i go, up or down the stairs she follows.
i go half way up and remember something and turn around and 'hoop la' she turns with me and bounds up and down again.
apparently she doesn't do 'relax' as long as i'm on the move.
right now she's lying on the nearby couch.
she looks the picture of perfect relaxation...
but if i make a move from this computer, she'll be off that couch and at my feet before i'm upright.

okay, here we go, off for walkies.


Busy Bee Suz said...

What a cutie pie! But that barking....grrrrr...that would annoy the pooh out of me too. Sounds like you are working on her and it will take some time.
Our Ozzie, that we adopted in October, he is also my flippin' shadow. The bathroom. The bedroom. I go to the garage to drop off some recycing, he is there and ends up getting locked out cause I forget he is following me EVERYWHERE. I have tried to explain this to him, but he just stares at me with those big ol' eyes too.
Good luck with Bella!

karengberger said...

She is a pretty little lady, but I'm with you & Suz, the excessive barking would drive me bonkers. It's good that you are working on it.
Our cat, Latte, is like my shadow, too...he's the one that everybody says is a dog (in a cat's body). It's good for the soul to be loved that way, but sometimes, I need a little space! As I type this, I am also picking his fur out of the keyboard; he loves to try to get onto my lap while I'm using the laptop!

Kee said...

She is so lucky to have you guys! If anyone can get that dog to stop barking so bloody much its you guys. She loves you so much and I don't miss her to be honest becasue 1) she's down the street and we get to see her all the time, 2) my house is a tad more quiet and 3) i know how much happier she is there getting the love and attention she needs and deserves

Steve said...

Sounds like a case of true love to me... we always forgive our loved ones bad habits!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

She's adorable! Congrats on the new grandson. :-)

Lakeland Jo said...

gorgeous pup and good to hear from you

ChiTown Girl said...

Eh, she looks like a little bitch! (Tee hee, just joshin'!) But, I could NOT tolerate all that barking, that's for SURE! Thankfully, Buster is not a big barker. He'll bark if someone is approaching the house, or rings the doorbell, etc., which is his job, but other than that, he's a very good boy. Holy crap! I just said something nice about Dorky Dog! I'm must be getting soft in my old age!

Clippy Mat said...

thanks all you dog lovers for the responses.
bella's doing better honestly.
there was a skunk outside the bedroom last night and she behaved like a real guard dog.

Jane said...

She's a cutie!

Crazy Mo said...

And that's the kind of post I miss ... "i think i could develop it into some kind of circus act" ... HA!

We adopted a retired racing greyhound. He's quite the opposite and seldom barks. But when he does, it's positively hilarious. There's a yappy thing that lives behind us and when it's out it's barking like mad. Puppy will be lying down, won't even lift his head, and give a gruff "woof", but not budge an inch. We think it's his way of muttering "sod off!"

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Award for you over at mine. :)

Pam said...

She's lovely!
Barking can be annoying can't it. My dog has to have the last word on it too. I'll tell him 10 times to stop it and he'll walk away and give a little "woof' as if to say - "put that in your pipe and smoke it!"

KayDee said...

I hear you on the barking. I have two Maltese Shi Tzus and they bark incessantly. They BOTH follow my every move and I am constantly tripping over them but when they look up at me with their beautiful soulful brown eyes, I just all in love with them all over again.

Jenn said...

OK i love Bella. BUT i am unsure of whether you're neglecting my beautiful LUCKY in the process. Bella is gorgeous and welcome, but if she is bossing / taking over our cat, i am going to be cross!


how is lucky???

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