Thursday, November 18, 2010

The older the fiddle, the sweeter the tune.

Mark is going to turn 50.
Been there done that.
I'm not sure what happened but in less than *gulp* 5 years I am going to be 60!
How is that possible?
What do you mean YOU can't believe it?
How do you think I feel?
I don't look a day over 50 either.
Ok, you have to squint, but I'm not THAT bad.
As Joan Rivers says, "Looking 50 is great....when you're 60."

I don't mind getting older as such.
It's preferable to the alternative right?
Don't think of me as old.
Think of Oprah or Annie Lennox, or Sharon Osbourne.
Meredith Viera, Whoopi Goldberg.
We're all the same age give or take a year or so in either direction.
You don't think OLD when you think of them.
Do you?

What Mark is saying in his post is that his coworker has challenged him to do 50 new things as he turns 50.
She says it's a must.
She says '40 new things when you're 40 and 50 new things when you're 50'.
These must be completely new things, as in you've never been there or done 'em before and you have to do them in the year you turn 50 or, in my case 60.

I think I like the sound of this.
If 50 is the new 40 then obviously 60 is the new 50.
So technically I'm not getting older, just better.
There's a snag.
I can't think of anything.
Help me.
I need some inspiration.
Something to work towards.
In 2014.
I know, you'll still be just a whippersnapper; a mere slip of a thing in 2014..
You won't be able to relate to me, a 60 year old woman, so that's why I'm asking you NOW!

I need 60 things.
Rule out posing nude for Playboy or trying out for American Idol.
Or Britain's Got Talent.
But perhaps Survivor.
Or the Amazing Race.
Climb a mountain?
Run a marathon?

Any suggestions?


ChiTown Girl said...

Complete a NaBloPoMo! ;-)

Clippy Mat said...

Well Cheech, I've almost DONE that and I'm not even near to 60. ;-)

Steve said...

Stockcar racing? Go on Safari? Complete a bushcraft weekend with Ray Mears? Sorry, that last one is on my wishlist.

Mark said...

Have you ever made a clippy mat?

Or slept under nothing but stars?

Been to the opera?
Flown in a balloon?
Written a book?

Hey, this is turning into my list....

C said...

hahaha i just turned 55! where does time go, twas just yesterday i was 4. man, i'm feeling AND getting old. at least i still have my teeth! thats supposed to comfort me. it doesnt. but im not walkin and trippin on my boobs or belly yet so thats a good sign.

youre doing great with the NoBloMeMo.. lmao

Busy Bee Suz said...

In 2014 I will be 47. (hopefully)
Oh, wait, this was not about me.
Oh, for 60....
how about sky diving for 60 seconds.
visiting Asia for 60 days.
visiting Suz for 60 days.
Getting remarried. To the same guy.
walking 60 miles.
donate 60 gallons of blood?
or just visiting Suz.
I am partial to the visiting Suz.

karen gerstenberger said...

Watersport or Snowsport of some kind? How about lessons - art, music, give a speech in public, fly a a tank, get in a submarine, wear a disguise, visit Graceland? Just some random ideas.

the fly in the web said...

Make everyone share your angst at turning sixty...take up the violin, or if you like Flanders and
Swann, the French horn.

Clippy Mat said...

C: the Nablomemo? REally? LOL

Suz: visiting Suz for 60 days. 60 really? how about 6? I might be like fish and start to go off after that. You have less than 5 years to prepare.... better start now.

Karen: hmmm, give a speech in public. I like the sound of that. Now what should i speak about....

Fly: I like the sound of the violin... well perhaps not when it's played by ME but I like the sound of learning to play one. ;-)

TechnoBabe said...

In three months I will turn 65. It doesn't mess with my mind at all. I have at least twenty more good years to look forward to and I plan to make them good years.

Anonymous said...

My first comment is that you must not wish the next 4 years away. Its only 2010. Live every day to the max! I will take my own advice too. But definitely great to do things you've never done before. Take a dance class. A cooking class. A safari is a cool one. Renewing of the vows at some point would be really nice as you've been married for so long and its admirable and you're still having a great laugh together. I think we need to make this happen! 40 yrs next year as well! <3 love you. Jenn x x

Clippy Mat said...

TBabe: I agree. I'm not afraid of getting older, just surprised that it's happening is all! LOL

Jenn: A safari sounds great. Are you paying? Love you xx