Wednesday, November 17, 2010

skin of teeth post - before the clock strikes 12

an update.
to yesterday's post about other half's cooking.
the curry thing.
well today,
i had another phone call on my way home from work.
wanting to know where i was as dinner was ready.
(we eat early in our neck of the woods.
it's something that comes as you get older i think.)
oh-oh that made me nervous.
visions of left-over scorching hot curries danced in my head.
what are we having? i asked after taking a big breath.

steak pies, mashed potatoes, broccoli and gravy was the answer.

BIG  relief.

steak pie pic from

when i got home and we sat down to eat i confessed that i had written about his curry on my blog yesterday.
in m.o.h's opinion my blog and everything to do with it is a bit strange.
he doesn't read it and as long as i don't talk about it too much he doesn't ask questions.
he seemed quite interested tho'.
so i broke it down for him and explained what i had written about.
then we laughed about it.
things are looking up i thought.

he said he didn't actually want to read it but was glad that i hadn't made him out to be some kind of rotten cook who didn't know how to make a curry.
as if!
i told him that i was afraid there'd be leftovers today if he hadn't taken them into work for lunch for him and his coworker.
let's call his coworker fred.
oh fred enjoyed the curry said m.o.h.
when he got back from the bathroom that is.
fred said it cleaned out his colon and his middle intestine.
it went thru him like a porsche.
m.o.h. was pleased as punch about that.
a good meal and a laxative all in one.
not only is he a chef, he's specialising in interior medicine to boot.

they were both happy about that.
m.o.h. and fred.
it must be a guy thing.

it's funny how different we are, me and m.o.h.

i enjoyed the pie.
it was nice and hot.
but not spicy.

off to bed.
can't wait to see what we are having for dinner tomorrow night.


ChiTown Girl said...

Glad your hubby is such a good sport. The steak pies sound yummy!

Clippy Mat said...

Hey, Cheech, what are you doing over here commenting on MY post when you should be doing yours for today..... I've just been over there to check up and see if you have added anymore to the events of yesterday... I'll check back in the morning.

karen gerstenberger said...

Gosh, if I'd known that I would have ignored the HORRIBLE instructions that I followed to the letter pre-colonoscopy, and just called your O.H. for his curry recipe. That would have been much better than "what the doctor ordered." Perhaps O.H. could moonlight as a specialist and just deliver the goods door-to-door the night before the -scopy? Sounds like a plan to me...

Clippy Mat said...

Karen: Definitely, now you know what to do when you have your next check-up. ;-)

C said...

clippy, does your wonderful talented cook hubbs have a good recipe for steak pie? its not steak nad kidney pie, is it? diane would love that but i dont eat organs no mo..

well, mostly lmao..

it looked yummy in that picture. if he does have a good one, would you knidly send it to moi? merci, mon amie...

Steve said...

Went through him like a Porsche? He he! I like that. I've had a few curries that have gone through me like a Range Rover towing a caravan... they're not much fun at all I can tell you.

the fly in the web said...

Curried Ex-lax?

Clippy Mat said...

C: Alas hubby doesn't have a recipe as such. As I said yesterday he is too much of a free thinker to follow recipes! But I think the pic I included is on a website with a recipe. Steak and Guiness pie is our favourite. It's steak cooked in guiness served in a massive yorkshire pudding size of a dinner plate. :-)

Steve: Range Rover towing a caravan. Like that one! I shall use it next occasion of hubby's curries. :-)

Fly: EXLAXLY! :-)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Interior medicine? LOL.
Your dinner does sound wonderful...and not spicy. I don't do spicy either....but would love someone ELSE to cook around here. Just sayin'

Clippy Mat said...

Suz: LOL i DID say interior medicine didn't I, when I meant internal! Would it be anal of me to go back and change it now?
Anal? geddit? I crack me up.

Pam said...

Your steak pie dinner made my mouth water! My husband once ate a curry so hot he cried and he thoughts that was marvelous. Strange beings aren't they. X

Clippy Mat said...

Pam: That's what I'm talking about! They think that means it's good food when it makes them cry or run to the loo. Mental. ;-)

Mark said...

I'm a pie man any day

And stottie cakes too - years since I had one of those.

Clippy Mat said...

Mark: Stotty cakes. Now you're talking -- with pease pudding. A veritable feast. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hehe cute post. Steak pie sounds amazing. Nice to come home to dinner too. He's a keeper :) dean made us fajitas tonight. Yum. Love you and dad. X x x Jenn