Saturday, September 24, 2011

I love to go a wandering.....

we went to england this summer.
during our visit we went to the lake district for a few days for some R and R.
and we all know what r and r stands for.
don't we?
rest and relaxation?
you might have thought so.

when we were packing our cases before the trip my other half asked me if i was putting in some good outdoor shoes for walking tours in the lake district?
i did not answer in the affirmative.
a) putting in good outdoor shoes would mean taking out some frivolous heels or sandals
2) i don't have any good outdoor shoes
and, he wondered, what was i packing to wear in the event of rain?
because it ALWAYS rains in the lake district.
again, i ignored him because, basically, i wasn't planning on getting wet.

so orf we went on our jollies.
and had a rare old time.
then we ended our trip by going to the lakes with my sister and her other half and we stayed in a lovely little but n ben in a lovely place called portinscale 

as i said i hadn't planned on being outdoorsy.
it's not really me.
i pictured myself in front of roaring fires at night, full english brekkies in the a.m.'s,
pub lunches at lunch times and fortifying ales and meals in good hotels at night.
i was taking books to read and magazines for the in between times.
aahhh bliss.

but have you met my husband?
have you met my sister and her other half?
not to mention my brother and HIS other half who also came to visit us while we were there and agreed with t'others, (i wasn't consulted) that the day should begin with a good long walk around derwentwater.
that's a lake to me and you.
i looked out the window and it was damp and drizzly.
i'd just finished a good plate of breakfast and was ready to have a wee sit and perhaps a nice coffee whilst i thumbed through the magazines.

rewind to the previous week when my other half had insisted i buy a jacket (waterproof) and shoes (sturdy and supportive) in some kind of outdoorsy shop catering to people who like to walk in the lake district!
so i was kitted out.
and had no choice in the matter.
we set off up hill and the other members of the 'team' pointed to the top of what looked to me a small mountain, something called catbells which they'd all walked up one side and down the other at one time or another.
well guess what?
not today people.
not today.
anyway. i fell in and kept step as we walked.
and walked.
and walked some more.
up hill, down dale, over meadow, across glades, through trees, past cows, more cows and lots of sheep!
and guess what?
we walked for miles.
and miles.
of course it was bloody marvelous and i loved it.
and i want to do it again.
but guess what?
i left my brand new jacket in the luggage bin above my seat on the plane.
but i did manage to bring my good, strong, sturdy shoes back with me.
i loved being with my sis and my bro.
and my sis in law and my bro in law
and not forgetting my other half.
who really is, my other half.
i loved every bit of it.
and now that i'm back here in canada.
 i wish that i could do it all again.

this was BEFORE the 20K hike

The "team" midway during the hike

me and me little sista contemplate the scenery and the meaning of life

this was at the start of the hike

this was what we went to see!
and this is what i looked like when we got back.


Pam said...

Great wanderings! Loved every word of this post. x

Steve said...

The Lakes are indeed very wet. I've been a few times and been rained on every time. But it's clean healthy rain and that makes all the difference, right?

A Heron's View said...

The benefits of walking in pleasing surroundings cannot be over stated, it is just so good for every part of the body especially if you love your self :)

ChiTown Girl said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself. Sounds like a wonderful trip. Even if you DID have to walk miles and miles. ;-)

I'm with you, my idea of a perfect vacation is hours in front of a fireplace, with my feet up, and a stack of great books by my side. Or, hours in a rocking chair on a beautiful wrap-around porch, with a stack of great books by my side. Or, a chaise lounge, under a cabana, with a stack of great books by my side. Hmmm...I'm starting to see a pattern here...

At least you let yourself be talked into going walking anyway. I would probably have been too stubborn, and I would have missed some wonderful memories with my family. You rock!

Expat mum said...

Love the Lakes. And the views are the best. The weather could be better but at least we know what to expect.

karen gerstenberger said...

Sounds like a wonderful adventure!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh are so funny.and dramatic. and cute. and dramatic.
I love taking a nice long walk. once in a while. But if you are with GOOD folks, like you were...well, the time just flies. Lovely photos Clippy.
I have missed your sweet and funny self. Stop being a stranger. Stop it I say.

C said...

i lerve your pics! i enjoyed seeing some of dianes homeland. i am so glad you had a blast. here is the new kinky linky to my blog. i just changed the name is all.

take care, hun...

wor vron said...

happy memories and a great day forgot to mention how you managed without a bathroom !! x

the fly in the web said...

I could squawk! Sheer frustration!
I love to walk, but as Mr.
Fly has been too ill to do more than toddle along for years now I have given up.
I must admit that I never bothered about the proper gear - shoes, coats, etc...

alison said...

Sounds like a whole lot of fun. Tiring fun, but fun nonetheless. Did your jacket ever turn up in the airline lost and found?

Mark said...

How fabulous - the Lakes are special place and worth all the effort. But how sneaky to come all the way and not tell us till now - I'd have bought you tea and cakes at Borrowdale caff!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Clipstress, can't believe you've been in the UK and didn't give me a shout!

Seriously, you look lovely in those photos, even the 'plum tuckered out' one!

Glad you are back, but it's been a month already! Take care. Fhina xxx