Monday, February 25, 2008

and the oscar goes to........

I confess.

i watched the Oscars on tv last night. four hours of it. that was my punishment. it was awful! boring! i kept on watching thinking something was going to happen. it never did. it just went on, and on, and i wanted to go to sleep. but i had to know who was going to get the upcoming oscar for best costumes in an animated musical foreign language documentary with sound effects didn't i?

i'm glad that the couple from 'once' got an oscar for their music from their movie. that was nice.

otherwise... serves me right i suppose.

now i will have to climb back on the wagon after backsliding. (I also watched american idol this week). and er, oh yeah, celebrity apprentice.

but that's it. i'm done now. back to the books. no more tv. promise.

i will put down the remote and back away from the television. ;-)


Kee said...

You "cheated" on that crap? i know better and I thought you did as well! Can't believe you watched the whole thing! Enjoy your books.

Clippy Mat said...

LOL. four hours of my life i'm NOT getting back. :-(