Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Devil Made Me Do It!

My name is Clippy Mat, and I'm a teleholic.
Is there a 12 step program?
Giving up telly means i am spending much more time on the computer.
giving up smoking over 10 years ago meant i just ate more to fill the void.
giving up sucking my thumb (okay i WAS 12!!)
was replaced with smoking. (which did much more for my street cred)
see where i'm going here?
i'm an addict.
i don't actually give things up. i just replace them.
it's not how it's supposed to be.

monday night at 10 i HAD to watch damages. a new series with glenn close playing an uber-bitch lawyer. a part she was made for.
ooh she made my flesh tingle she was so nasty.
(and speaking of nasty, ted danson was doing the nasty. in a car, with a prostitute and they were doing drugs.)
tch tch
what would woody say?
i didn't watch any other tv that night but i knew that it was coming on and it was like an itch that needed scratching.
it was worth it.

last night i was here on the computer and american idol was on.
i tried to ignore it but m.o.h. was watching it.
i happened to take off my headset and lo and behold, simon was being rude to someone.
so i turned around and peeked.

an hour later it was all over and there was i, lying on the couch, dishevelled and spent and not liking myself.
went to bed and flipped on at 10 because i knew extras was on.
just going to have a little look that's all.
laughed out loud several times and fell in love with ricky gervais for the hundredth time.
a funny man is a sexy man, non?
i've been thinking...
what if i just give up 'bad television'?
that's stuff which is truly mindless (no, no, no, not american idol and the donald!!) shows, (and i use the term 'shows' loosely), which only require me to loll in front of the box with a glazed expression on my face, mouth slightly ajar, and the inability to press the 'off' button on the remote. like 'america's next supermodel' or 'big brother' or whatever.
i don't watch those anyway.
i'm much better than that.
i need help.


Kee said...

If you don't watch any bad tv what will there be to give up? You are funny!
Gotta run and watch Big Brother!

clinka said...

next time give up something simple... like ginger ale. or pickles.

Clippy Mat said...

what? i love pickles and ginger ale. (or pogos and jam) are you mad woman?

Clippy Mat said...

kee: big brother is SO bad tv. nobody else watches it except you!

Kee said...

I watch TRASH tv. I am addcited. Its sad...I only like the trash! I love it! At least I can admit it!

Anonymous said...

british big brother = fab

' briannn is in the livinggg room, whats he doing? is he sleeping?' geordie accent nonetheless

ricky gervais is fab, i have extras on dvd somewhere from vron and i havent watched it yet !

xxx jenn

Kee said...

tonight you can say kee amde you do it!
time for a new blog nannie...i know your a tad busy watching our kids but come on!