Friday, March 14, 2008

Blog, blogger, blogging.

i'm experimenting.
this is my new template for the time being.
do you think it's sexy?
not sure whether i need to change the colour of the font, and/or make it bigger...?

i've been reading other people's blogs (hence the urge to change my template) and some of them are amazing.
some of them are warm and funny, some are heartrending.
there are those who have gone through sadness and loss but still find the time to blog.
maybe they blog as therapy, and, unknowingly, they inspire others.

the great thing about blogs is being able to have a glimpse into other people's lives, lives that you would otherwise never have known about.*
it makes the world feel a lot smaller and you get to see life in different countries.
i find it fascinating.
and some of the funniest, or saddest, or most inspirational things i have read have been on other people's blogs.

one of the nice ones is 'dave's window' the link appears on the right, under places i like to visit and one of the saddest but most lovely and inspirational is:

i hope you might get as much out of reading them as i do.
*p.s. i cannot make my mind up, should that sentence read..
"lives that you would otherwise never have known about."
"lives that you would otherwise have never known about."
are they both wrong?
or even,
both right?
maybe somebody out there is one of those grammar freaks who can put me right,
or wrong as the case may be.


Leslie said...

you don't know me...
but i read your comment on my blog and i wanted to come and see who you are and thank you for your thoughtful words.
when i got here, i realized that you had used my blog as an example of an inspirational one and i was so grateful. thank you.
since aaron passed away, it is amazing how many strangers have offered words of comfort and it really HAS brought comfort to me.
what you wrote was correct... i write on my blog as therapy for myself, but i am getting many more blessings from it than i thought i would as family, friends, and strangers are reading it and sharing their love and encouragement.
thank you again and again.
-leslie *

Clippy Mat said...

indeed i do know you.
i can see your heart and soul on your blog. reading about you and your son gives me inspiration and hope.
thank YOU!