Saturday, March 15, 2008

Leaving (coming home) on a jet-plane

tonight we are going to the airport to pick up jenn, our youngest.
she has been living in england for the last nine months. i haven't seen her since i went to england in july and i stayed for three weeks, but the rest of the family haven't seen her at all.
i hope that her flights go okay.
she should have taken the first one by now.
there are three flights altogether but between two of them she has to change terminals and pick up her luggage and has only about one hour to do it, if the planes are on time.
so it's a bit nervewracking. let's hope it all goes smoothly.
i look at this photo of her and i can't believe how beautiful she is.
she was beautiful before she left but i think she has grown in many ways.
it will be interesting to see how she has changed.
it will be nice to take our relationship to a new level.
we have emailed daily, chatted on the phone regularly and the family have kept up with her news on facebook but most of the time it felt like we had only little soundbites of her life so i will probably give her the third degree when i see her in person.
it'll be hard to hold back but i'll try.
don't want to sicken her straight off.
i know she has lots of people to see, especially all of her friends who she is mad about, her brothers and her sisters in law, and she is dying to see her nephews and niece.
she has missed them all so much.
she's only home for two weeks.
i don't know what it will be like to say goodbye when she goes back.
up to now it's felt like she was on an adventure and i was part of it but i can see she is making a life for herself 'over the pond' and that's a whole new concept.
but we'll see what happens..............


Sara said...

oh've just set me off!

Can I just say we have never argued once and I love her so much and you must let her come back to me!

Clippy Mat said...

sara: i don't mind sharing. but you can't keep her! i'm glad she's got such a great cuz/friend as you. so happy that you are like sisters, just like me and your ma!:-)) xxx a.p.

Anonymous said...

he he he
aww mommmmmmmm
you're so sweet

i love you!