Monday, June 2, 2008

"once more unto the breach dear friends"

re: my search for a new hairdresser.
i have a hair appointment on friday.
i am SO nervous.
this stylist comes recommended thru a friend's daughter who has been her client for several years.
i marvel at the loyalty and consitency of anyone who is able to stick to the same hairdresser.
how is that possible?
normally i might assume such a person surely lacks taste or self-respect but that couldn't be further from the truth.
how positive!
so far i have never seen my friend's daughter with an accidental page boy, mullet, mohawk, perm, or thank goodness, unusual bald spots.
how promising.
i am assured that the stylist is 'current', friendly and will do whatever i like, if it's possible, and if she knows that it will suit me.
(i like the sound of this last one because it suggests that she will be able to look at me and discern i am a woman of taste!)
how comforting.
she will listen to my concerns and then decide what is the best style for moi and moi's needs.
how amazing.
i've consulted currie and crystal and they have prepped me on how to ask for what i want.
they've quizzed me on my previous spiel and i have been found wanting.
(no wonder i always get into trouble!)
they have armed me with a whole new dialogue.
i must be firm and concise.
i must sound informed and strong-minded.
i should be self-assured but not pushy.
i should show no signs of insecurity or uncertainty.
i should be friendly but definitely not neurotic or overly needy.
(this is a stylist/client relationship killer.)
i must not waffle when it comes to my likes and dislikes.
this is crucial to the development of my status as a 'serious' client.
i must explain, without TOO much detail, how i want something that is easy to do on a daily basis and does not require loads of blowdrying and styling.
and also doesn't need too many products.
it's a bloody minefield.
i am going into battle and i'm gearing up.
i am working on my performance and thinking up things to saywhich will show me in a good light as a client who knows what she wants and will damn well get it.
maybe i shoulda called this one 'once more unto the bleach' instead.
cos i'm getting highlights as well. :-))


Currie said...

Oh dear...I think I may be more nervous than you. Cause I don't know if I can see your poor face again when I say "ohh ye've had your hair done it looks nice" and you go" "yes pet I have been to see ____ (insert anyone of the crazies who have touched your hair in the last couple years) and I go "do you like?" and you go "well yeah..its ok" and then 2 days later you hate it!
I have faith in the stylist of your friends daughter..she sounds just what your looking for...fingers crossed!

Clippy Mat said...

if only i had just left my hair long and intact all those years ago. it all started when i thought i could go blonde.......... and look where i am now! i will try to be brave currie. xx

Anonymous said...

how eh man its ownly hair


Clippy Mat said...

only hair? ONLY?
graham, please. you have no idea from whence you speak :-))