Sunday, June 1, 2008

here comes the bride..............'s guest!

this is a photo of a royal wedding.
if you click to enlarge the picture you might see that it's actually a picture of a waxworks display but when i think about it there's not much difference between the two really.

great nanny noo noo is firmly entrenched in front of the tv watching a show about people buying wedding dresses.
it is SO her kind of reality show.
that and watching costume dramas or anything to do with the royal family and she's pretty happy.
she really likes a good wedding.
and if it should also happen to be a royal wedding then she's in hog heaven.
give her some hats, shoes, bags and dresses to describe and she doesn't miss a detail.
ask her what camilla parker bowles, princess anne or some other royal matron were wearing at the 'do' for the queen's ceremonial wotsit and she's your woman.
got it all-down to the last ermine trimmed, jewel encrusted handstitched hemline.
colours, shades, fabrics, accessories and fit.
mind you, don't get her started on the princesses eugenie and beatrice and the stupid hats they wore to peter phillips' 'royal' wedding recently.
she does NOT approve.
i quite agree.
they look like a right couple of pillocks.
which indeed they are.
but i couldn't find any pics online of them as yet to show you.
you'll have to do your own research.
try googling, ' silly royal prats in ridiculous hats'.
might work.

we've been wedding shopping today too.
we are going to a wedding soon and we need to buy 3 outfits for her to wear.
1 for the stag and doe.
1 for the shower.
and 1 for the actual wedding.
pretty high maintenance for an 84 year old but when you get to her age and you still give a rat's ass about how good you look and can shop with the best of them then you know things are looking good.
however she's very disappointed that we don't go in for hats at weddings in canada so much.
what's a wedding for if not to wear a new hat?

after some VERY in depth research on my part, if you want to see beatrice's wedding hat, and i really think you should, then go to


Anonymous said...

too funny!
the butterflies r a bit mental
and yes i agree, noo noo loves a good wedding. haha, shes probably had about 30 outfits picked out in newcastle b4 she even got to the canadian options.

love her
and you

clinka said...

What's a "pillock"?
I'm thinking of wearing a hat to the upcoming wedding... that and red lipstick... I will give all the 84yr olds a run for their money :)


Clippy Mat said...

wiped the slate clean and it's off to a fresh start in the canadian shops then jenn. xxx

clinka: a pillock defies description. look at beatrice in that 'at and that about sums it up.
you could totally wear a nice hat. i'm thinking a flock of spuggies cascading down the side. xx

clinka said...



Clippy Mat said...

spuggies dahling. aka sparrows to you. :-)

Currie said...

you lot are strange with your pillock's and spuggies!
oh noo noo and her shopping- so funny...what did she call a cami on Sunday in the shop? How many pair of black pants have been purchased as of yet ony to be returned the enxt cute!

Clippy Mat said...

currie: the undergarment which we usually refer to as a 'cami' or 'camisole' has now been renamed a 'cameo'. sometimes noonoo-isms are much nicer non? :-)