Wednesday, July 2, 2008

SAD (warning: truthful, awful image below)

dr. henry morgentaler is to receive the order of canada.
sad, very, very sad.
and sick!
to me it's the equivalent of awarding a posthumous nobel peace prize to adolf hitler.
yesterday i was a proud canadian.
it was july 1, my new country's 141st anniversary of confederation.
today i am sad to be a member of the human race.
but at least I am here.

(warning: sad, sad image below)

saline abortion, week 22


Keshia said...

Oh, that is just so terrible... I have been aware of abortions happening during second trimester but to have an picture now of what a 22 week old baby actually looks like deffaintly puts into perspective on how morally wrong it is!

Jan said...

words fail me.
Jan x

Anonymous said...

Its awful to think that as babies this far developed are being aborted often within the same hospital ICU the lives of premature babies of around same size are being fought for!