Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vron: "Is that my sista?"

my sister
went home on saturday.
she was here for two
before that i was in england with her for two weeks.
we can spend
a lot of time together
and still it's not
always enough.
she is ten years
younger than me which gives me seniority.
when she was a child i was married and then she became my babysitter/personal assistant.
she helped me bring up my oldest son. i was barely a child myself and had no clue. having a younger sister gave me a pair of hands; someone to rely on. and she was just a kid but she never complained. she was glad to do it and always wanted to know what she could do next.
she pushed his large silver cross pram to the corner shop and back tho' she could barely see over the handlebars. then more times than not, she'd have to go back again, cos i'd forgotten something, or take him for a walk around the block while i did something else. she stayed the night with me when m.o.h. was on nightshift and i was afraid of the dark. her presence made me feel braver and less alone.
in ways too numerous to mention she has always been there for me.she was always there for our mother who had a very difficult life.
when my sister's own marriage and children were young they were playing second fiddle to parents with problems. a mother with dementia and a father who didn't have a handle on life.
she sailed through all of the storms, and there were many.

she handled it all and made the decisions that needed to be made because she was the one that was there and had to make them.
she loved hard and laughed hard when she could.
she never doubted me and always deferred to me.
i'm not sure why.
i don't know who she thinks i am, but one of these days she might find out and then where will i be?

she is a 'go to' person. she loves people just because and has an unfailing loyalty.
she believes in God and she loves Him and He loves her back.
she will cry when she reads this.
but as she reminds us; 'it's good to cry.'

she's right.

'wor vron.'
'aunty vron.'
'lady vracca de burg.'

walking up and down the alleyway with a lace curtain on your head and high heels clacking on your small feet, chanting, 'princess margaret. princess margaret."

my little sister.
my big sister.


Anonymous said...

I've met Vron a few times & like you she's a lovely person - full of life & fun you're very lucky to have one another. Like you I married young had my family when little more than a kid - sadly though, because my sis move away from this area I sadly never had the close bond with her that you two share. It took my near-death illness for us to realise how much we care for one another, happily we are much much closer now

clinka said...

you forgot: "aunty nanny"... love her.

Dave Morris said...

I wish I had a sibling growing up. Well, I had one... I just didn't know about it. (long story)

It's something I really feel like I missed out on.

Wor Vron said...

ah my big sista -I love you and yes I'm crying, but i'm not ashamed cos its good to cry!Thanks for a wonderful holiday and as I said you both inspire us and cant wait to spend time together again -precious memories.xxx

Sara said...

Well if you put it like that.. I suppose she is alright isn't she!?
aww I'm lucky to have such a caring, thoughtful, beautiful mammy. (and aunty)
I love when you are both together and you bring out the best bits in each other. I only remember you's arguing once (!) and it was after a trip to Wet n Wild when me and Jenn were about 10 and me and Jenn were really worried. But it lasted like 10 mins and then you were friends again.

love you both

Clippy Mat said...

dave: you really did miss out on not having a sibling. i had four brothers before my little sister came along. i longed to be an only child many times. you will have to blog about finding your sibling in later years..... :-)

sara: i remember that arguement. it was all your ma's fault of course. but once she saw the error of her ways we were able to move on. :-))

helen: glad you and your sista are now close and that she's 'there' for you and you for her. x

clinka: how could i forget 'aunty nanny'?

vron: precious memories. :-)))

Anonymous said...

that was just lovely!!!!!!!!

i can see vron pushing around in the pram! and loving it

so cute she is!

she's been so good to me too