Saturday, November 1, 2008

blogging is annoying

i often have no idea why i do some things.

for example at the crack o' dawn on friday i was reading blogs, my favourite waking-up passtime, and i saw this thing called '30 blogs in 30 days', or something like that.
before i'd thought through the idea, i'd signed up and posted the widget on my own blog.

so now i am supposed to post a blog every day for the month of november, and i can't even remember what the ultimate goal of all of it is.
the purpose?

that's a bit vague now but in the early hours of friday before i'd finished my first cup of coffee it must have seemed like a good idea.

and what the heck am i going to write about?
no idea.
i have a hard enough time posting about once a week.
but i am game for the challenge.
i will give it a try and won't back down quite yet.
here's blog number 1.
only 29 to go.

i know i much maligned halloween in that post a few days or so ago.
and i'm not going to backtrack here because, i still don't like the whole thing that much.
but i have to say that my 3 grandchildren who are aged 3 and under were priceless last night when they went trick or treating together for the first time.
they were,
a flower,
and a penguin.
totally precious.
they came back carrying bags filled with candy as big as themselves and nobody told 'em "no you can't", when they asked if they could eat some of it.
they LOVED it.
so WE LOVED it.

then this morning, day one as it were, i was messing around with my template.
all i want to do is move some of the things on the right side, which are all in a LO-O-O-N-N-G row, to the left hand side, to balance things out a bit.
i.e. i would have two narrowish columns on the left and right sides and the actual blog post would be in the middle.
all neat and orderly and pleasing to the eye.
well my eye anyway.
why is this not possible?

i've tried several times and it's just not happening.
and what DID happen?
i ended up with almost no blog.
i had lost all of my 'stuff'
i had to fiddle for ages, sweating bullets till it somehow returned as mysteriously as it had disappeared.
if only i knew what i was doing.
at one point when i hit 'view blog' i had a complete blog of gibberish.
what do you mean, no change there then?

i'm leaving well enough alone now.
but it's still not what i want.
i've lost the editing tools for 'font size' too.
i just tried to include photos in this post, of the darling grandchildren,
aka spiderman,
penguin and
but when i upload them to the editing format i only see the code for the pic and not the actual pic, until i press 'preview'.
well what good is that?

sometimes blogging makes me crazy.
i don't know what i'm doing half the time.
so here you go, a post with a picture.
sorry it's not that great.
but you get the general idea right?


Gina said...

i think its a great idea and i look foward to see what you come up with everyday!blog reading is my favorite morning activity too :)

BusyBeeSuz said...

You are creative, you will come up with something. The kids are cute, love the costumes and I never saw a flower crying before. :)
I am glad they had fun and now you kinda sorta like halloween!!!

Crazy Mo said...

Bravo, Clippy! You are very brave. I don't think I could come up with a post for each day. Perhaps you could post how you added the music to your Blog. I can't seem to figure that out.

Clippy Mat said...

only kinda sorta tho'.
the crying flower? i know, she was a tad overwhelmed by the whole thing. bless her little heart. the other 2 crazy dudes were loving every second of it. i will try and get some more pics of them (from family members with better photo skills.)

i was just over at your 'amazing photo blog' ? and left you a comment re adding music. i'm now follower numero uno of that site. so get some more pics up.

ChiTown Girl said...

When I first started blogging last year, I promised myself that I would post every single school day, and I was actually able to keep that promise to myself, even though it was rough! There were some nights that I posted at almost midnight, just so I didn't miss a day! But, I almost never posted on weekends. I wish you much luck with this lofty goal of yours, and I must say, I'm excited to see what you post each day. You crack me up!!!

BTW- LOVE the babies in their costumes!! Especially the penguin!!

Anonymous said...



Clippy Mat said...

Pics sent to email.
xxx mommy dearest
and why are we communicating thus when we both have email?

Lakeland Jo said...

the picture of your grandchildren is totally gorgeous.
I am with you on the stress of trying to do things on your blog- all the way! I have had many a sweating bullets moment