Monday, October 27, 2008

DWTS goes hip hop, or clippy mat's review

holy hell batman.
susan lucci doing hip hop?
what a stiff.
that was AWFUL with a capital AWF.
i was begging the camera not to linger but it kept going back to the scene of the crime. *cringe!*
let her go home now.

and at least cloris went for the laugh.
well what else could you do?
m.o.h. thinks she's dreadful.
i don't know, i keep thinking at that age she's giving it all she's got and she aint dead yet.
her partner is another story.
what's that all about?

i don't know about you but i wouldn't know that lance bass was gay if i didn't know he was gay.
you'd never know.
that lacey chick.
if she was chocolate she'd eat herself.
get the camera on ME, i'm over HEAH.
why i oughta..

brooke burke
your 15 minutes is over.

the big guy? warren.
he's good.
i think he might win.
he's getting better.

the young kid cody?
he's good too.
i like him.
julianne hough is amazing.

cheryl is great too.

that's the update.

oh i also liked tom bergeron's schtick about celebrities and their hard lives.
all the hangers on they have to support.
he's funny.

samantha harris?
she's a low talker.
i can never hear her.
it's like she starts to speak and they turn up the background volume.
she sounds like this.
wruuuuuhhhh wruhhhhhh scores rrruuuuhh judges rrrruuuuhhh phonecalls rrruuuuhhhh Tom?

i could do a bit of hip hop if called on.
or line dancin'
oh yeah, i've had my moments.

michael flatley was a good guest judge.
we thought we saw him at a show once.
feet of flames or some other riverdance kinda show.
he came out of the performer's dressing room at the end of the show.
we followed him but it wasn't him.
that was embarrasing.
if not humiliating.
and yet,
we had no shame.
but we don't like to think about it now.


Lakeland Jo said...

Pity I haven't a clue about the celebs you are talking about but I enjoyed the read anyway. We have strictly dancing here in UK

You csn watch them all the web every week apparently.
I haven't got into it this time so can't comment

BusyBeeSuz said...

You are TOO funny. I don't watch the show, but get updates from Ask Grandma J. You should check out her blog, very funny and cute too.
I don't know most of those folks on the show either....

ChiTown Girl said...

Clippy, this almost made me wet myself! Good thing my class is at the Library, because I'm sitting here laughing out loud like a fool!!

I'm with you on Susan Lucci. She looked absolutely ridiculous!

I was thrilled that Carrie Anne said what the rest of us are thinking. Cloris needs to go. Don't get me wrong, I hope I'm in that good of shape at 50, let alone 8-freakin'-2, but this is a dance competition, not a vaudville show.

I LOVE Warren. He's so cute, with that big, goofy smile of his. I love that he stays so serious and in character during the dance, but the moment the music stops, his face explodes with joy!

I didn't like Lance Bass even when I didn't know he was gay. Actually, I never liked N' Sync at all.

I think the only thing we disagree on is Brooke. I think she's great, and I've been thinking all along that she's going to win.

Samantha Harris!!?? She should disappear along with Cloris!! CAN NOT STAND HER!!!! Love Tom, though. He cracks me up!

Sheesh, my comment was as long as your post! Sorry! But, I'm obsessed with DWTS, so I'm glad you posted about it! Can't wait to see who goes home tonight (ahem...Cloris...ahem)

ChiTown Girl said...

I just reread that (which is what the preview button is for, you dork!!) and I realize that my comment about Lass could be misconstrued. His being gay or straight doesn't make me like him any more or less. That's what I was trying to say.

Anonymous said...

WTF. are you rabbiting on about

Clippy Mat said...

the show of course here is an exact copy of strictly come dancing. two of the judges are the same. i might check the uk version out online.

i am going to check out ask grandma j. i should find a link over on your blog right? you don't watch?
you don't know what you're missing. :-)

glad you got it.
LOVE long comments. they're fun.
i did like brooke but she's a bit blah now i find...
but warren, he's so sweet i agree.
gotya on the lance bass thing. perfectly understand what you were saying and didn't think you were being anti-whatever.
almost time for the show. wonder who's going home???

if you can't be bothered to leave your name then i can't be bothered to answer.
so go 'n bile ya heed.
i could just delete ye but i'm feeling magnanimous.

ChiTown Girl said...

yay!! Cloris is OUT!!!!

ChiTown Girl said...

But, why, oh WHY did we have to watch Susan Lucci try to dance hip-hop again!!?

Clippy Mat said...

hmm, didn't i answer your comments ctg this a.m. before i left for work? i was SURE i did that. yet where are they?
my own blog rejects my comments.
that's lame.
did i forget to press send?
i wrote:
i thought of you when cloris went home and m.o.h was delighted that she left.
me, i think she's got chutzpah and yes, she's a tad annoying but hell at 82 she's entitled.
she could dial it back a notch tho'.
but yes, it was time she left.
(i didn't say ALL of this this a.m., just some of it. just thought of the rest of it now.)
susan looch must have missed rehearsals yesterday cos she was just as AWFUL last night as the night before. she looked traumatized.
it sure scared me.

back to work.
lunch hour is over.

Anonymous said...


good review i like it

i heard the commentators voice when u typed that out ha ha haha
jenn xx

Anonymous said...

anon. dont diss my mom :P

blogging is for free. you didn't pay to read it, so don't ask for your money back.


Crazy Mo said...

I have to admit that after reading the blog and everyone's comments, all I walked away with is "go 'n bile ya heed!" HA!! I have a Scottish friend who taught me that expression and I use it all the time. I love that saying!

Now, come on, kids, everyone play nice or I'm going to take away the ball!

Smileygirl said...

Ok I can't watch the show because it makes me crazy when the announcer presents the judges to give their scores and he shouts, "Carrie Ann Inahhhhhbahhhhhhh!" OMG the hair on my neck stands up it makes me so mad!!!

Clippy Mat said...

haha on the michael flatley. remember your dad was convinced it was HIM. i wasn't sure. but then i was totally sure it was. so we started following him. LOL
thanks for the support below ha ha. you stick up for your ma pet.

isn't that the best saying EVER?

smiley girl:
i KNOW. that man's voice is so annoying. it's way over the top.

pamokc said...

Ooooh what a delicious recap. I haven't seen anyone doing a serious analysis of DWTS! Although, I think Brooke Burke is stunningly perfect and might take the disco ball trophy. Lance creeps me out and so does Lacey. Susan Lucci could probably be a bit more free with her dance if her skin wasn't pulled so dang tight. Will have to stop back by after next week's show!