Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Heart Tom Brokaw

Although I was born and lived in England for the first 28 years of my life, I have now lived in Canada for the same length of time.
My heart belongs to both countries for many reasons.
Here is just one reason why a large part of my heart now belongs to Canada: told so eloquently by Tom Brokaw.
I hope everyone is enjoying the Olympics.
I know for sure Canada is.


Steve said...

I visited Canada as part of an East Coast tour of Canada and the US back in 96 and I have to say fell in love with Canada immediately. Beuatiful, clean, warm hearted, great food... my spirit breathed a sigh of relief. Couldn't really say the same for the US though NY was amazing.

ChiTown Girl said...

OK, so does this mean you're ready to do your next 28 years in the States? Specifically (or, Pacifically, as Big Cheese always said!!) in Chicago?! I'll waiting here with open arms, my Clippy!

This video was awesome. Makes me want to jump on a plane and head straight to the tundra!! Thanks for sharing. :)

wor vron said...

well said Tom! Jen ,Sara and I have just watched it -feelin patriotic for ya!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, Clippy, this is beautiful. I loved it...seeing your gorgeous country and seeing how amazing our relationship is together!!!!

It just gave me the warm and fuzzies.


Grumpy Old Ken said...

What a beautiful place and no doubt lovely people.

Anonymous said...

thats a great video, made me very proud to be Canadian. seeing as i am always having to tell the english what Canada is about i've posted this to my facebook profile.
love you x x x Jenn

Clippy Mat said...

Steve: NY is amazing you're right but you are missing a LOT if you don't go back to the US. Now get booking. That's an order. :-)

Chi- I might not spend 28 years there but paciifically i want to visit Chi-town and have a martini with YOU one of these days. (I will give you plenty of notice.)

ah knaa neebody does it like the Yanks do they? It made ME like Canada MORE. lol

It gave me the warm and fuzzies too. I think even more so because it came from Tom, and he's got to be right. Right?

right on both counts. You must visit one day.
( I am thinking about working for the Canadian/US tourist industry.)

good idea. Now you can show your English peeps what we are like here. (don't mention the fact that we have no sense of fashion and that we say eh a lot.) Brush over those parts.
kidding my little Canuck Geordie.
Love YOU!

C said...

my mom was canadian as you know, and her family still lives in montreal, quebec city and surrounding areas. i have always loved canada. i would love to have dual citizenship but have not looked into it. maybe i should. i have many happy memories from childhood, there.

i speak fluent french and my youngest son is the only one who was interested to speak it as well and now he is better at it than i am!!!! he read the french dictionary to study, during the summers. it's fun to say stuff in french to him that none else understands.

this was very nice, pat, thank you hon. hope all is well with you and yours.



i also love england, because of diane.... can a person belong to 3 countries?

Clippy Mat said...

C: I knew you were part Canadian but I didn't know you were fluent in french. Tres bon. (I'm not). Of course you can belong to 3 countries and you must visit England with Diane and see it for yourself. then you will understand why we are so 'nuts.'.
hugs to you,

Expat mum said...

Let me know when you come to Chi-town won't you hinny?
And sorry 'bout the hockey game...

Clippy Mat said...

expat: for sure. how could i not?
re the hockey. no need to apologise. now if it was the makkems vs the toon i might be miffed. ;-)

Molly Potter said...

Eeee what I had of Canada and my brief visit there...was fantastic. What took you there?

You threatened to come over to my blog and restore order. What happened?

All chaos has broken out and we are relying on you to bring your measured, systematic, orderly ways to put us back on track.

Ha ha ;)