Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Return to the Mall: Christmas Flash Mob part II

Remember THIS a couple of weeks ago?
Well tomorrow, as in Wednesday,  the TV cameras from CANADA AM return to the mall where I work to film a re-creation of the whole event.
Apparently it's had millions of hits on youtube.
But guess what?
This time I WILL BE THERE!!

Remember how they did the original event on a Saturday when I wasn't at work?
Well I have been personally invited by the mall management to attend the re-creation and be a part of the studio audience.
(OK so has everyone else who works in the mall but that's besides the point.)
I'm just hoping that they don't all show up so that I can hog the limelight find a seat in a good spot in the food court.
The show is on the CTV network and begins at the ungodly hour of 6.30.
As my supervisor said, "In the morning?"
to which I replied,
"Yes, that's why they call it Canada AM!"

We have to be there for 6.00.
(presumably that's for hair, makeup and wardrobe.)

Considering what I'm going to look like at 6 a.m. then I think it's only right that they offer those services otherwise they may have a lot of viewers switching off in disgust.

So if you are up and about and are able to see it please look for me.
If you don't live here then you might be able to stream it online?
I'm not sure whether you'll know who I am but I will try to do something to draw attention to myself in the crowd.
I will NOT be in my pj's and dressing gown.
Perhaps I'll stand on a chair and sing Hallelujah?
Nah, that's been done.
or I might draw happy faces on the palms of my hand and wave at the camera.

I have to leave the house at 5 in the morning.
My other half will still be in his pit because he's on afternoon shift.
I will stick the remote control in his hand before I leave.
He will love that.

I must go and set the DVR to record the event.
Better go to bed now.
and get ready for my close up.
Gawd I hope I don't sleep in.


The Incredible Woody said...

Oooo - leaving at 5am is WAY too early!! But I think this could be worth it. Have fun!

ChiTown Girl said...

Woo hoo!! That's so exciting! PLEASE post the video as soon as it's available.

Clippy Mat said...

Woody: I hope I can drive while still sleeping!

Cheech: whaddya mean post the video. Get out of bed and watch it online. What time is that in Chi-town?

the fly in the web said...

I'd love to see it...especially the hands....but knowing my limited ability to work out time zones...except for Test Matches...I may miss out.
So if you do put it up, this IT numpty and failed Time Lady would be glad.

Clippy Mat said...

Fly: I believe Costa Rica is one hour behind us so that means you only have to get up at 5 a.m. to find it online.
Sound good?

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are going to be even more famouser than you are now.
Geeze. Will you remember me Clippy?

I will see if I can find it streaming online....but not sure if it is legal for me to watch Canadian TV without my passport on hand.

Steve said...

Will there be a satellite link for your overseas viewers?

Clippy Mat said...

Suz: If it's not legal then it's definitely more fun.

Steve: I'll check that out for you. If there's big black cables all over the floor it's bound to be going via BBC right?

Mark said...

Up at 5.00 am? It would lake a lot to persuade me. But I shall look out for it

French Fancy... said...

Have a grand time - 5am is the time I always get up. It does get easier day after day.


ModernMom said...

Eeek. So excited for you!!

TechnoBabe said...

So how did it go? I don't ever watch TV so I would not have seen it. Did you get it taped?

Anonymous said...

Lol you're funny. I would have liked to have seen this. I'm still yet to watch the link. I am on my phone. Will u send me the links on fbook so when I'm next on I will see them? Haha. 5am wow. Did you get a good view? Bet you were tired for your class afterwards haha. Love you. Jenn x x x

Wor Vron said...

yeah how did it go?! just read this, would love to have seen it -can you put the link up?! Did you feature much and did you join in the singing?xx

C said...

hi clippster...

i want to wish you and yours a very merry christmas and i hope it is filled with all the peace and love you deserve. you are a good friend to me and you just crack me up... luv ya honey..



Pam said...

How was it? Can you let me know if there's link?? I'd love to see it.