Friday, November 4, 2011

frank takes charge

hey frank
hey. how YOU doin'?
ok, you?
oh, you know.
who's posting on the blog today frank? me or you?
well i guess i can do it, iffen you want.
suits me, i'm busy playing scrabble o...
on facebook?
on facebook, yeah. i've got four games going at...
at once?
yeah at once. i'm getting ..
yeah, i'm getting addicted. but my scores are..
yeah dreadful. i get my ass kicked ....
yeah regularly. frank? er do you mind not....
finishing your sentences?
yeah, finishing my sentences. it can be..
yeah annoying frank. what's with ...
with that?
yeah, what's with that?
i dunno it's just that i'm so much on your wavelength i kinda know what you're going to say before you even say it.,
you're like ...
sympatico with you?
yeah frank you and me, we're sympatico. but frank, that's weird because i'm not actually .....
saying anything?
yeah, saying anything. i'm only thinking these things and you're on my ....
on your wavelength?
yeah, my wavelength how'd you .....
how'd i do that?
yeah, frank what is this, how'd you do it?
i dunno, it's a gift. i'm psychic. i'm like the seventh son of the seventh son or somethin'. i'd explain it, but mind that time i tried tellin' you whut the fibinacci sequence was all about?
oh right the fibonacci ....
sequence yeah. remember The Rule is xn = xn-1 + xn-2
er yeah, i do frank. my brain still hurts thinking about that.  it's really just...
yeah frank it's pretty amazing. you're psychic frank?you're a fish. a psychic....
a psychic fish?  i know. it's just how i am. allus been that way man as longus i can 'member. it's what i'm known fur.
where are you.....
where am i known for it?
yeah. where frank?
oh in former circles that i swam in.
yeah i'm psychic and i'm also gifted with telepathy.
frank, how's that .....
yeah how's that happen?
i'm not sure but it's not only a gift it's a curse, let me tell ya.
but since i been here it's kinda come in handy cos we can communicate without you lookin' crazy.
frank why would i look....
why'd you look crazy?
yeah. why?
cos iffen you was talkin' to a fish out loud people would think you wus crazy. know what i'm sayin'?
oh i see. well it's a good job that it's only the two....
the two of us that know about this?
yeah frank. it's just the two of us.
yeah. it's probly best that way.
so i hear the scrabble tiles rattling. you got the post for today then frank?
yeah sure no problem. i got it.
good frank.
i jes done it while we wus talkin'.
frank you are a ..
yeah frank you are a genius.
yeah it's a curse man.


Pam said...

ha ha ha! You've started something. My fish Ernie is telling me that while he enjoyed the Captain America film, he was a bit sad at the ending ;-)

Clippy Mat said...

yo Ernie. I hear you man. that movie was too sad at the end. okay well i haven't actually seen it YET but i kinda jes KNOW it's sad know what i'm sayin'.
an' if you say so man, that's good enough for me.

Steve said...

Have you ever thought about getting a dog?

Mark said...

Or a tortoise - much less bother.

Clippy Mat said...

Yo Steve: there's a dog lives here too man, but she's a yapper man, she can also be a bit of a b**ch too, know what i'm sayin?

Mark: I met a tortoise once in the pet store i used to live in but he was so shy man. couldn't get the dude to come out of his shell at all.

ChiTown Girl said...

Keep up the good work, Frank. Just be careful when you're typing with those wet fins. Don't short out Clippy's computer!

Clippy Mat said...

Hey Cheech: right back at ya. "Go No"(vember) as was man. It's kinda hard to 'splain but there ain't no typing involved here Cheech. Just believe man. Just believe.

the fly in the web said...

Second the tortoise. My friend in London has one...her life revolves round his demands.
In the airing cupboard at the first cloud in the sky...out of the airing cupboard before he craps...
You need a crystal ball.
And yes, she does have a life....

Clippy Mat said...

As a fish there's no need to put me in the airing cupboard as i'm livin' a fully self contained life man. that tortoise sounds like a diva. :-)

Trish @ Mum's Gone To ... said...

Frankie, my boy, if you've forgiven me for flushing you away and you finding your way to Canada, then come home to Mom. Your brother Frederick (Frankie Fredericks...don't ask!) would love some company and he don't play scrabble.

Clippy Mat said...

MOM! i gotta move on, y'know? i gotta be me, and this is where i'm at now. but hey, it was a slice while it lasted. say hi to fred for me.